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Daydreams of the Soul

Welcome to my world

A Captive Soul
If you've come looking for my World of Warcraft journal, check out http://community.livejournal.com/clanofkeli/ !! :D

Welcome to my daydreams. Who am I? Well, even I'm not sure sometimes. But I can at least tell you a little of what you'll probably find in my livejournal.

I'm not a social butterfly, and don't have many close friends. I'm a dreamer, a bookworm and a gamer. I have been diagnosed with ADD, mild depression and social anxiety, all within the past 5 years. Since then, I've started getting back on my feet and am excited about the future for the first time in... well, a long time. I try to be positive about life and I like to think that I have a sense of humor. I'm currently living on the second floor of my mom's house, but I do pay rent, and living together seems to work out really well for both of us. We also share the house with my mother's cocker spaniel (who I lovingly insist is dumber than a brick) and my feline babies, Trevor and Orion. If you ever mention Trevor to me, I will probably start cooing, so absolute is my love for him. Orion is a new addition to the family, but I'm already pretty smitten. My father and his wife live in Florida. The rest of my family lives here in Texas with me. Here are some more basics:

Job: I'm an administrative assistant on the trade floor of a large company and I love it.
School: I attend a small seminary, pursuing an MA in Christian Counseling. I'm approaching the half-way point... I hope.
Hobbies: Reading (Sci-fi, fantasy, Christian fantasy, romance), writing, painting ceramic bisque, cross stitching, photography, playing computer and video games (PS2, Wii, etc.), World of Warcraft, roleplaying (online and tabletop - D&D and Mage), listening to music (Showtunes, Disney, Contemporary Christian, Country, etc.)
Communities I'm most active in: adults_add, wow_ladies, kittypix, clanofkeli.

And all of these things you'll find in my journal. One final thought (sheesh, I sound like that guy on KSBJ): some of my posts are friend's locked, though I try to be generous with topics that aren't especially private. I'm also particular about who I friend on LJ, because I'm always afraid there are things on my LJ that I don't want just anyone to know. If you befriended me and I didn't befriend you back, please don't take offense. It's also a good idea to send me a message and introduce yourself - I'm always curious who is watching my journal and how they found me. And don't worry - most of the important stuff that I say is on the various communities that I'm a member of.

I have many nicknames! Do you know me as...?
*Nyara or Adriel
*Kelirien/Keleili (and all variations thereof)
*Wren Talonworth or Leo Tippens
*Lindzey, Dranna, or Kiia
(wow, this list keeps getting longer!)

Extra! Extra! I'm a mommy! Please help me hatch my dragons and raise my hatchlings by clicking on them!
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